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Home California The 2013 Great California ShakeOut earthquake drill set for 10/17/13

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The 2013 Great California ShakeOut earthquake drill set for 10/17/13

October 17, 2013
10:17 amto10:20 am

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Join Us for the Largest Earthquake Drill in U.S. History

The 2013 Great California ShakeOut earthquake drill will be held this year on October 17th at 10:17 a.m. (mark your calendars- ShakeOut is always on the third Thursday of October).  In 2012 more than 9 million Californians participated, and already more than 1.1 million people have been registered in 2013.

Please take a moment now to log in and renew your registration for the  2013 Great California ShakeOut

Registered participants will:

  • Be a part of the largest earthquake drill ever, spanning 30 states and several countries! (see below)
  • Be included on lists of who is participating in your area (optional)
  • Be updated with ShakeOut news and resources, and information about earthquakes and preparedness
  • Be provided a customized 2013 ShakeOut Certificate of Participationto print after the drill
  • Be an example that motivates others to get prepared
  • Have peace of mind that you, your family, your co-workers and millions of others will be better prepared to survive and quickly recover from a big earthquake!

Drop, Cover, and Hold On graphicTo help organizations plan their drill, we have createddrill manuals for schools, businesses, non-profits and other organizations, and government agencies. These can be adapted for use by other organizations as well. Each manual has instructions for multiple levels of drills, from a very basic Drop, Cover, and Hold On drill to a more comprehensive exercise of your disaster plan. Simple instructions for how to participate are also available for all ShakeOut participation categories.

For the 2013 California ShakeOut, in addition to practicing “Drop, Cover, and Hold On” and other aspects of your emergency plans, we will be providing information and resources about fire prevention and safety, and partnering with fire departments statewide to promote ShakeOut participation. Fires started during or after large earthquakes can more than double the losses caused by shaking alone, and may overwhelm the capacity of fire departments to respond.  Everyone should know how to use a fire extinguisher and how to prevent fires from starting (for example, by properly strapping your water heater so that it doesn’t fall over and rupture gas lines).Women beneath a desk practicing drop, cover, and hold on

As a reminder, as a 2012 ShakeOut participant you can still:

  • Visit www.shakeout.org/california/share to upload photos and share descriptions of your 2012 ShakeOut drill, and provide links to any ShakeOut videos you may have uploaded to Youtube.
  • Log In to your ShakeOut account to download a 2012 ShakeOut Certificate of Participation, which you can complete for yourself, yourorganization or provide to others in your organization or household.

Who will shake out with you?

This year ShakeOut is expanding further with several new ShakeOut regions being established (Rocky Mountain states, Hawaii, American Samoa, and more planned). In total more than 30 states and territories may be involved on October 17th! (See map).  Some states and countries are holding ShakeOut drills on other days; in fact more than 860,000 people participated in the second Utah ShakeOut TODAY. In total more than 20 million people worldwide may participate in 2013!

A great way to help your community, your employer, and others get prepared, reduce injuries, and speed recovery is to encourage them to register to participate in the Great California ShakeOut, in another ShakeOut region, or anywhere else via the “Other States and Countries” option. Spanish speakers anywhere can register and find resources atShakeOut.org/espanol.  Help spread the word about ShakeOut at family gatherings, community events, and work meetings, and online with email,facebook, or twitter. You can also place one of the ShakeOut web banners on your organization’s website, display posters in your office, distribute flyers, and use other materials available on the ShakeOut Resources page. How many more people will practice earthquake safety and get prepared this year because of your encouragement?

Thank you for your continued participation in this historic event and for your commitment to disaster preparedness!

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