Orange County's #1 blog for news about safety, loss control and emergency services

Orange County's #1 blog for news about safety, loss control and emergency services

The County of Orange is hiring new Environmental Health Specialists
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Environmental Health Specialist Recruitment
Interested in keeping Orange County safe from foodborne illness and other hazardous materials? The County of Orange is conducting a recruitment on a continuous basis for Environmental Health Specialists. Environmental Health Specialists are responsible for enforcing environmental health laws and regulations by inspecting and […]

Washington Update: Ensuring safety education and research

The White House fiscal year 2017 budget request seeks to eliminate funding for 18 NIOSH Education and Research Centers as well as the NIOSH Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Program, claiming the programs have outlived their usefulness. But supporters of the program are speaking out. …read more
From:: NSC Washington Update

Washington Update: The ‘stumbling block’ of rulemaking reviews

Almost every OSHA rule is reviewed by the White House’s Office of Management and Budget before being promulgated. Why do those reviews often take so much longer than the 90 days they are supposed to take? …read more
From:: NSC Washington Update

The DIR reports that 344 California workers died on the job in 2014

Newsline No.: 2016-45 Date: April 21, 2016
Department of Industrial Relations Reports 2014 Fatal Occupational Injuries
Oakland—The Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) reports the number of Californians who died on the job decreased in 2014. A review of the past ten years indicates that workplace fatalities remain below the average rate of fatalities prior to 2008, when […]

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