Orange County's #1 blog for news about safety, loss control and emergency services

Orange County's #1 blog for news about safety, loss control and emergency services

Starting the conversation: OSHA mulls update to HazCom Standard

Although nobody can say for certain when the next revision to OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard will take place, the agency hosted a meeting in November to gather stakeholder feedback on efforts to align the standard with the United Nations’ Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals. …read more From:: NSC Hazcom/GHS       

OSHA schedules informal meeting to discuss updates to hazcom standard

Washington – OSHA has scheduled an informal public meeting to discuss potential updates to its Hazard Communication Standard. The meeting is set to take place Nov. 16 at the Mine Safety and Health Administration headquarters in Arlington, VA. …read more From:: NSC Hazcom/GHS       

OSHA, Health Canada create work plan for coordinated hazcom effort

Washington – OSHA and Health Canada have developed a work plan intended to align U.S. and Canadian requirements for classifying and sharing information about work-related chemical hazards. …read more From:: NSC Hazcom/GHS       

The County of Orange is hiring new Environmental Health Specialists

Environmental Health Specialist Recruitment Interested in keeping Orange County safe from foodborne illness and other hazardous materials? The County of Orange is conducting a recruitment on a continuous basis for Environmental Health Specialists. Environmental Health Specialists are responsible for enforcing environmental health laws and regulations by inspecting and investigating facilities throughout Orange County.

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